Why do professional gamers retire in their 20s?

It can be somewhat perplexing that professional gamers retire in their 20s. Why not just go on until you are thirty? Some would ask. After all, this would mean a longer career, and more income. However, professionals gamers tend to retire in their 20s, opposed to professional game developers who don’t, this is for the same reason professional athletes retire ate this same period as well; slower reaction times, injuries, and for income savings.

Professional gaming, just like athletics, is largely about physical coordination. The level of physical coordination tends to peak in the 20s, and then starts to decline with age. In numerous occasions, by the time a professional gamer has reached the age of 28 or 29, there is usually a young teenager whose physical coordination is a few seconds, or milliseconds faster than his. Consequently, the older are replaced by the young, and the cycle continues.

The second reason professional gamers retire in their 20s is income related. As an athlete grows older and gets closer to 30 than 20, it becomes more difficult for them to make money out of wining tournaments. This is because of the younger breed who are usually younger, faster, more agile, and generally better than them at this stage in their life. 

Keeping in mind that competitions are often an expensive agenda, what with the handsome sums needed to cater for all the travel and entry fees, it becomes more logical; and more cost effective, for these gamers to retire and focus their energy and money elsewhere.

Professional gaming is on the rise

Thirdly, the human body can only take so much, especially considering the strain that these professional gamers put their bodies through. More often than not, professional gamers may develop a series of temporal or permanent injuries that force them to cut short their (already declining) careers. Repetitive stress injuries are especially notorious among professional gamers as they get older.

Generally, as players reach their mid-20s, their reaction times diminish considerably, and in many occasions, the mechanics of the game change and become harder for them. Those who chose to fight eventually get tired of professional gaming soon enough. Tasked with the decision to proceed with gaming when its costs outweigh the benefits, it is usually safer and wiser for these professionals to diversify, get into coaching, or pursue other interests.

Nabilla Benattia Talkes About Her Father: He Says Im Too Occidental

Nabilla Benattia was releasing a new book during a recent interview, and she accepted to talk about her father in an interview. She said that her father was too far from her, meaning that she somehow wanted to enjoy a closer relationship with her dad. She also added that her father was far away from her in every sense of the word, but that`s a fact of life she has to accept some day.

A Radical Father

Nabilla’s father is a Muslim, and he is a radical man, more or less. It means that her father might not share Nabilla Benattia’s values, but that`s fine. Her father does not have to share any kind of value with anyone. Nabilla Benattia’s father is also conservative, which is another trait that he does not share with her daughter. The man is an oriental fellow in every sense of the world, but she loves him anyway.

Too Occidental

In her father`s opinion, Nabilla Benattia is too occidental. That`s another important different that we need to take into consideration here. During the interview, Nabilla not only talked about her father but also about her breasts. As you can see, this interview is very interesting.

Declared War

When we say that Nabilla Benattia is not in good terms with her father we mean it, as she said that a war has been declared between them. That`s what we call an issue these days. She also said that she has a “psycho” father. Nabilla Benattia is a happy woman, but she recalled that her father forbade her a lot of things.

Kelly Ripa Tattoo Regret

When one thinks of wholesome, clean cut, girl next door, Kelly Ripa the last thing that comes to their mind is that she has a tattoo. The Live With Regis and Kelly co-star does indeed have a tattoo. Kelly has a fairly noticeable rose,heart,wave tattoo on her inner left ankle. 

Kelly does however admit that the tattoo is a forever reminded of her youthful stupidity,she got the tattoo when she was 19 years old but it also gives some tattooed people some hope.

Kelly is a very likable and well loved woman and the fact that she has a tattoo does not even cross most if not everyone mind that adores her. So why can’t this be said about regular people in the world that may have a tattoo or two. They might be as wholesome and clean cut as Kelly. 

However, since their life isn’t in the spot light and people are not aware of their personality or their charitable contributions, to society they are simply looked down upon because of their body art. This is a great example of people being too judgmental.

Just because someone has a tattoo doesn’t make them a bad person. You never know they might even be a better person than the person that is judging them. People need to stop and think before they voice their opinion on someone due to appearance or a tattoo. 

After all just like Thumper’s mother said, if you can’t say anything nice, than don’t say anything at all. If more people lived their life this way the world might be a better place.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan gaining more attention

No one requires any introduction of Mrs. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan (Miss World 1994) and since then whatever she touches or looks at, is the latest breaking news!

This beautiful lady tied a knot with Abhishekh Bachchan, the son of legendary mega star Amitabh Bachchan. All her fans, family members and the entire film industry ( Hollywood & Bollywood) wished her and the couple on their 9th wedding anniversary on 20th April 2016!

Her yet to be released film, “Sarbjit” is in hot news! Aishwarya is playing the role of Sabrjit Singh’s sister. Sabrjit Singh is captivated in Pakistan jail for many years. But due to political tensions between India and Pakistan, this movie could be banned in Pakistan due to these tensions?

It is believed that she has played a very powerful role in the movie but when questions about the film, she requested for a one minute silence as a tribute to the people died in such way! This is highly appreciable act from Aishwarya’s part! The film will be released worldwide on May 20th, 2016 with a premier in Cannes Film Festival!

Recently it is heard that Aishwarya Rai will be playing a lead role in a movie called Baadshaho – wherein she will be playing a role fairly inspired by Gayatri Devi (a powerful Indian Maharani of olden times who objected the Emergency declared by Indian Prime Minister )

Aishwrya had also attended the dinner party hosted by royal family members – Prince William and Kate Middleton on 10th April 2016!

Aishwarya has decided to remain silent with respect to the Panama Paper leaks wherein her name is reflected for some offshore properties. She has officially proclaimed through her media consultant that all the information leaked is false!

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